Thursday, December 17, 2015

Sphero Team

Yellow Sphero, Mellow Sphero, and Electro Sphero were a team of happy robotic spheres who lived in Townsville, in the state of Ethos in the planet Spheron. Until one day, a plane carrying barrels of mutagen ooze fell out of the plane, and turned everyone in the city small!(except Y,M,E, and Atom Sphero, Electric  Sphero’s kinda crazy upbeat sister.

“We’re small!” Said Y Sphero. “We need to find out how to get big again.” “But everyone looks so cute!” said E Sphero’s sister Atom. “And we need to find a way to stop my sister from going nuts!” panicked E Sphero.   The Spheros had to do something in order to save the city from being small and weak forever.

“Hey, guys. What if we find the barrels of that green stuff that made us small, and try and find out how to reverse the effects?” The Spheros decided they’re going to need some help. They teamed up with Fire Sphero and Water Sphero, the two greatest heroes in the city.
“Hi! I’m Fire Sphero, and this is Water Sphero, but you can call us F Sphero and W Sphero.”

At the river, W Sphero engulfed  the team in  water bubbles using telepathic powers  so they could breathe under water. “Seems boring..” said F Sphero,” “And stupid” added E Sphero. “ Come on guys, water is the best!” cried W Sphero.  
They zoomed through the river at super speeds and fell through the huge Aragain Falls. “Holy Shark Bait!” both F and E Sphero cried.
After they went through the fast river, they got to the pepper hot  volcano    ( literally shaped like a pepper |=(  ) .


In the volcano, F Sphero gave fire shields to the team yet again using telepathic powers so they could survive the terrible heat of the volcano. “Heat sounds stupid!” yelled W Sphero “Sweet!” said E Sphero.(insert boost to win please) ”Woah!” said W and E Sphero They dashed through the volcano, until random lava monsters knocked them out cold into the pool of lava below   ( insert Ka- Ka-Kombo Breaker!!) . KO!!,Just because of that, the volcano erupted and sent the team flying all the way to the metal plane(insert “Waaah!” sound) .

In the plane, E Sphero gave the team electric shields using telepathic powers ( can we stop with the telepathic powers?)  so the team could bolt through small wires.The wires lead up to the evil Dr.Smitt. “I see we must fight, so I’ll make this your last!” said Dr.Smitt. The team engulfed themselves in light shields ( Ugh, more shields?) and struck at Dr.Smitt.

TO BE CONTINUED...        

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Jean the Cure Maker

Jean the Cure Maker
Ten year old Jean, exploding with fear from a nightmare of his twin brother, woke up instantaneously only to go back to sleep, in school, wishing his brother was okay. His Samsung phone rang. Jean picked it up with concern, wondering if it could be something good or something bad or just a prank call for no reason. His mom only called him to say, in tears, “Jean?! It’s your mom. Your brother and I, we’re at the hospital. Jean, It’s Dahl…” his mother was crying softly. “He passed away.. his cancer got to him. I’m sorry.” There was a dial tone.
When Jean hung up, he burst into tears. “Why?” he cried “Why did this have to happen?”.  He cried so much that he would have flooded the school with his tears. He’d been depressed over his brother’s illness for a year.
Ten years had passed by, and the twenty year old Jean, now a scientist, had found out about a rainbow-colored liquid called “bornite” that could bring anything to life. ANYTHING!
“What’s this?” Jean said “ A liquid that could bring life to anything? Possibly even dead people.” It was located in a tree in the forests of Washington State. So Jean took his prototype Hovercraft 9.0 and flew to the rainforest. The rainforest was foggy, moist, and humid, and Jean put on his rainforest gear.
Once Jean was in the rainforest, a huge group of monkeys came out of nowhere and started chasing Jean. Oh, god. Oh, god! Monkeys! MONKEYS?! Jean hid behind a tree. Jean kept looking and looking for the strange liquid. 3 miles into the rainforest, he found it. Jean took out his syringe, and injected some of the liquid into it. He grabbed the Hovercraft 9.0, and went back home. Jean put his Hovercraft 9.0 away, and asked his mother “Mom? Take me to the town cemetery. Bring a shovel.” Jean’s mom asked “Why are we going to the cemetery? And why are we bringing a shovel?!” Jean was already in the car.
Once they got to Dahl’s grave, he took the shovel from his mother, and started digging. “Jean, what are you doing?! Why are you digging up Dahl?” Jean’s mom kept asking Jean. Jean asked his mom, “Will you hand me that syringe?” Jean’s mom grabbed it and started to hand it to him? “WAIT! What is this stuff?!” She asked.
“Never mind what it is, just give it to me!” She dropped it in the hole. Jean opened the casket, and was greeted by the rotten corpse that was once his brother.
“I hope this works” Jean mumbled.  Jean injected the syringe into Dahl’s chest, and he started glowing. “What in the…?” His mom looked so confused. Dahl’s head popped up, and he said “Jean? Hey, man.” Dahl said. “Why are we in the cemetery? Are you gonna bury me alive?” Jean cried tears of joy. “I’ve missed you. You were… in a coma.” Jean didn’t want to tell his brother that he just resurrected him from the dead.
“Oh. For how long?” “10 years. Remember when you went to the hospital?” Jean asked. “Yeah, of course I remember. How could I not?” Jean pulled him out of the hole, and filled it up, like nothing happened to it. Dahl went to the car and they drove home. Jean was happy to have his favorite brother back again.


Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Games I like to play

pacman, mario, sonic, and kirby games are my favorite games to play at most of the time